Abstract Templates



For registration of abstracts, follow the rules below.

The theses of the report should be prepared by camera-ready.
To prepare your abstract, you need to make the settings shown below.
The volume of abstracts accepted for publication not more than 2 pages, including images and references, if any.
Materials are presented in the Word editor, a file in the format: *.doc or *.docx.
You must set the following "Page Setup":
size A4, margins: upper - 1.5 cm, lower - 11.25 cm, left and right - 4.75 cm.
The entire text is printed in Times New Roman with a single line spacing.
The title of the article is size 12, the font is bold, and the interval from the bottom is 6 pt.
Authors - size 10, initials before the surname, text is low fat, and the interval from below is 6 pt.
Organization - name and address, size 9, italic (oblique), interval from below 12 pt.
The main text is the size 10, straight text, with the width aligned, with automatic transfer turned on.
Formulas are printed in basic type and size 10 pt. If placed on a separate line, they are centered, without a red line. The numbering of the formulas in parentheses is pinned to the right edge of the column.
The abbreviated name of physical units is strictly SI, direct font (GHz, dB, keV, MeV). In theses in Russian, the inscriptions on the drawings in Russian (except for generally accepted designations).
The sizes of figures, micrographs, TEM (SEM, STEM, etc.) of images containing informative panels should be presented taking into account the volume of abstracts accepted for publication - no more than 2 pages, otherwise in the process of forced scaling (reduction) contains your picture, photo or image may be lost (for example, it will be impossible to read the data specified in the information panel).
Figure captions - size 9, direct font, the words Fig. 1. should be highlighted in bold. If the signature is short, it is centered; if long - it is allocated on width without a red line.
Materials can be presented in both Russian and English.
The list of literature is compiled in font size 9, author names in italics. References to the literature in the text are typed in square brackets [2]. Before the list of literature - indent 6 pt.